Trevion Palmer, better known by his pen name TL Palmer, is a 23 year old poet from Los Angeles, California. He has been writing for over 6 years. During the last two years, he has focused on mastering his craft and taking his poetry & other writings very seriously. His works range from the topics of love & heartbreaks to religion & philosophy. Mr. Palmer is currently living in Atlanta, GA, where he is a student at GA State University, studying Psychology.

Tired of Broke


Back to writing and it’s been a while
My mind is calm but that’s only for now
My angers have resurfaced and I find myself in a place I’m not comfortable in
I’ve yet to establish myself as a man
I’ve yet to fully settle my self within
Like ripples in a tide
My mind reverbs through time

I just want to be free


What happens to a man who doesn’t know where his future lies
What happens to a woman if she’s only heard lies
From every man that she’s ever been with
She’ll never trust one
Look at both their futures
They’re both full of bad luck

What happens to the child
whose parents gave him a chance to succeed
Would he take advantage and grow?
Or grow to be a bad seed?

What happens when a man puts down his pride
What happens if he meets a woman
That’ll stand by his side
Can she learn to trust him
Will he build her from the ground up

What happens if a man took a chance with his own heart
Gave it to a woman,
Still beating, bleeding from Cupid’s dart
His words to her,
Together we could accomplish anything
Her words to him,
I’ll be your queen, and you be her king.

What is love if a man never can understand it?
What is love if it’s meaning has no boundaries,
What is a relationship without trust
Why am I a man that loves,
But the women I attract only entertain my lusts?

TL Palmerψ

"Dream big
You who are dreamers
Work hard
You who wish to live out your dreams.”
~ TL Palmer🌹

—TL Palme